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What Is Home Automation In Naperville?

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You may have a smart light or thermostat, but is that all it takes to live with home automation? It depends on who you check with, but generally speaking, home automation isn’t in respect to the equipment that your using and more about the system powering those pieces.. With a well-designed smart home system, you can direct heaps of smart devices around your routines, making your house more secure, accessible, and more energy-efficient.

So, if the smart home network is more than gadgets, what is home automation in Naperville and how do I pick out the ideal system?

How to pick a home automation hub

If you place a lone smart device, for instance, a smart thermostat or smart lock, you already have a piece the home automation pie. That device comes with an app for mobile devices through which you can command the device with your phone. You could keep purchasing components in a miscellaneous sort of way, collecting different apps and programming everything as you go..

But the majority of people would rather operate all their devices via a single home automation hub. Commonly, your central core is a smart speaker like Alexa or Google Home. Other times it's with a home security service, like Vivint, which can like home automation, your sensors, and security cameras and enable them to communicate with one another. Then, you’re able to sync your home security setup with your smart speaker and leverage the strengths of both worlds of powerful home automation and hands-free control.

What are the perfect devices to sync with your smart home?

Once you pick your home automation hub, you need to pick out smart technology. If you have your home security system as the core, you'll commence by choosing your detectors and cameras. Next, you'll flesh out your home with smart lights, smart thermostats, and any additional smart tech.

While almost any home product has a smart option on the market, here are a couple of the more popular home automation tech:

Smart lights

Smart thermostats

Smart locks

Doorbell cameras

Garage door sensor

Motion alarms

What can you do with home automation in Naperville?

Home automation exists to make your life simpler, more accessible, and more environmentally-conscious. To meet these goals, you can:

Remotely operate your smart devices: Check your Naperville lights or alarm situation with your mobile security app. Then flip on the lights, lock the door, and adjust the thermostat from anywhere you are.

Set customized scenes: Pair your smart devices with one another to correspond to your personal preferences. Tell your system to flip the lights, adjust the temperature, set your alarms, and lock the doors when you tell your house "goodnight." Or have your home react seamlessly when the kids come home from school.

Obtain alerts and notifications: If your alarms, cameras, or fire alarms detect anything unusual, it’ll shoot you a message to your mobile phone.

Use geolocation with home automation: When you pull in the driveway, you can have your lights flip on, and the radio as your doors unlock and alarms disarm.

Best way to get a smart house today?

To get the best from of home automation, start with Vivint. A Vivint professional will help customize the ideal smart home for your needs controllable through Vivint's award-winning system. Call (630) 864-6179 or send in the form below to begin.